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Biology League


Anyone currently enrolled in a junior college, polytechnic or equivalent is eligible.

Form a team of 3–5 to register!


It's on .

You'll be competing in real time from 9 AM–1 PM (4 hours).


The Singapore Biology League (SBL) will be held online.

Meet up with your team or compete from home!

Two teams of animals and plants high-fiving each other.

Solve problems as a team!

Challenge yourself with refreshing biology problems that are sure to get you thinking. We recommend forming a diverse team in order to tackle any problem that comes your way!

Read the full rules
A tree, a skink and a pigeon working together at a desk to solve a problem.

It's more than just memory work.

No one likes to mug for biology exams, so we made SBL an open book contest! You have to think critically to solve our problems that can range anywhere from precise molecular processes to complex ecological systems.

Try our sample problems
A pangolin holding the team's points as they soar up the leaderboard.

Compete on a live leaderboard!

Pit yourself against other teams by answering questions to earn points. Strategise within your team to solve as many questions correctly, as quickly as possible.

A butterfly teacher telling a team of enthusiastic animals how to apply to SBL.

How do I register?

  1. Form your dream team. Each team should have 3–5 students and an awesome team name.
  2. Fill out the online registration form. Registration opens on and ends on . Don't miss it!
  3. Look out for our confirmation email. We will confirm your details within 3 working days.

Key dates

Remember to mark these dates in your calendar!

Registration Opens

Registration Closes

Trial Run Game

Contest Day!

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Ask questions, make friends and form teams. We don't bite, we promise!

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